BUDAN® Panels

Effectively protect the natural environment against noise.

Versatile solutions give an opportunity to adjust panels to a particular source of noise. This is why our panels may be used to reduce noise outside and inside objects, when noise comes from one or two sides. Aluminium panels are produced in accordance with the customer’s needs to facilitate their assembling and reduce the cost of anti-noise protection.

Owing to their acoustic parameters, BUDAN® panels are used to dampen the noise of turbines, ventilating equipment and air-conditioning, crushers, grinders, freezers, etc. Properly designed casings and noise barriers made of BUDAN® panels guarantee 100% effectiveness in fighting noise. Unlike other noise barriers: concrete, wooden, BUDAN® H500 panels are made entirely of aluminium that does not corrode. An extra layer of paint not only improves the aesthetics of the panels but also prolongs their lifetime.


  • transport,
  • road construction,
  • railway construction,
  • power industry,
  • building industry.

In 2008 an anti-graffiti coating was introduced, owing to which our panels are more resistant to vandalism.
– Budan


Bud-Masz gives a 60 month warranty for acoustic and anti-corrosion parameters. An estimate lifetime of a properly designed and assemblied noise barrier is at least 50 years. BUDAN® H500 panels can be assemblied with other materials such as plexi, acrylic glass; they can also be planted with climbing plants.

Panels are equipped with own stabilizing seals, due to which they are assemblied just by sliding the panel into a previously prepared structure. This solution is the cheapest way of assembling an acoustic panel or acoustic casing. The small weight of panels assemblied in the traditional way facilitates assembling without a crane.

The panels are delivered to the building site in tightly secured returnable palets, which enables their storage or assembling directly from the car.

Certificates & Tests

  • The Research Institute of Roads and Bridges (IBDiM) in Warsaw: Technical Certificate no-AT/2007-03-1349;
  • The Research Institute of Roads and Bridges (IBDiM) in Warsaw: “The Examination of BUDAN H500 Noise Barriers Resistance to a Stone Hit”
  • The Institute of Thermal Technology in Lodz: “Acoustic Test of BUDAN H500 Panels”
  • The Silesian Polytechnics in Gliwice: “The Tests and Analysis of the Acoustic Parameters of BUDAN H500 Noise Barriers Used Between Road Lanes”
  • The Institute of Thermal Technology in Lodz: “The Endurance to Wind Load and Static Load of BUDAN H500 Panels”

Certificates and tests (.pdf)

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